Consumers today are increasingly interested in health and wellbeing. Our products can be part of an active, healthy lifestyle that includes a balanced diet and regular physical activity.

Our approach to the consumer health & wellness

Changes in lifestyles and concern about obesity rates mean that people want more low-calorie options, as well as added health and wellness benefits. People expect more information about the ingredients and nutritional content of their food and beverages. In addition, parents and teachers want to oversee the diets and lifestyles of children in their care. 


Coca‑Cola HBC Polska addresses consumers' changing needs in a variety of ways: 

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A wider choice of beverages

Currently, our company sells 15 brands in 150 packaging sizes in Poland. Sales of non-carbonated beverages are rising fast. The structure of beverage consumption in terms of calorie content is changing substantially as well. 

Coca-Cola butelka konturowa zdjęcie produktowe

Product nutrition information

We want to be a leader in the area of corporate social responsibility and therefore we impose on ourselves standards higher than those required by the law. In 2007 we began the introduction of a new information system on our product labels.


Nutrient data based on Guideline Daily Amounts (GDA) is currently presented on both the front and the back of most our packaging items.

On each label we inform the consumer about the content of nutrients per serving. The serving is defined as 250 ml with the exception of 330 ml packaging that are considered to be single servings per se.

We also highlight the absence of artificial aromas, colorants and preservatives in our beverages. For instance, Coca‑Cola has been manufactured for more than 125 years in the same way – with no preservatives or artificial aromas added.

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Responsible sales and marketing

Responsible marketing is one of the key market commitments of the Coca‑Cola System companies.

All our products can be a part of a healthy and balanced diet and we respect the wishes of parents and educators to oversee their children’s diets and lifestyles. 

We uphold the UNESDA commitments as we are aware that while at school, children are beyond their parents and guardians’ direct control. We respect the non-commercial nature of schools and we don’t run any marketing activities on school premises to avoid direct impact on children who could subsequently put pressure on parents to buy specific products. We don’t target any marketing activities at children aged under 12, either.