Coca‑Cola HBC, a leading bottler of beverages from The Coca‑Cola Company's portfolio, has been named a leader in sustainable business by Dow Jones Sustainability Indices. The company earned 90 points, which is 40 points more than the average for the entire beverage industry and at the same time 3 points more than a year earlier.

DJSI, one of the most recognized and widely known sustainable business development rankings, has recognized the solidity, transparency and consistency of Coca‑Cola HBC's efforts in this area.

Coca‑Cola HBC has been recognized in the global DJSI for the ninth time. The first place in this year's ranking is the result of execution of the Coca‑Cola HBC's excellent sustainability policy in 2015. During this period, the company continued its efforts to achieve a consistent reduction in environmental impact by recording double-digit reductions in carbon dioxide emissions.

The company reduced both the amount of water consumed for production (per liter of beverage) and the materials used to make the packaging, while increasing production and sales. Coca‑Cola HBC was one of twelve companies that first identified, based on scientific research, carbon reduction targets, both for direct and indirect actions.

We are very pleased with the result of Coca‑Cola HBC in the Dow Jones. This is the greater success that we are the leader of this ranking for the third time in a row. Sustainable development has become an organic part of our business and one from motor growth. It is important that prestigious indexes also appreciate this - said Nikos Kalaitzidakis, President and General Manager of Coca‑Cola HBC Polska.

In 2015, the Group introduced a policy of "internal pricing" for water consumption and carbon dioxide emissions, as well as a sustainability policy. In this way, Coca Cola HBC joined global efforts to achieve the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

Coca‑Cola HBC is the most widely diversified bottling system in the entire Coca‑Cola system - it supplies products to nearly 600 million consumers in 28 countries, mature, developing and emerging markets on 3 continents. The company has invested € 8.2 million (2.3% of its pre-tax profit in 2015) to improve the quality of life in local communities. It has also worked with more than 230 non-governmental organizations (NGOs), focusing on three areas: active living, environmental and water issues, as well as youth development.

Key Performance Data for 2015:

  • 33 311 employees
  • 43,000 suppliers
  • EUR 1.3 billion spent on direct orders
  • 271 million EURO paid taxes
  • Reduction of direct carbon emissions by 11.7% (year on year)
  • Improvement of energy consumption by 7.2% (year on year)
  • Increased use of recycled PET packaging by 19.4% (year-on-year)
  • Achieved 87% of commitment to sustainable development policy