Supply chain overview

Supply Chain plays a key role in our business. Each year, we produce and distribute over 1 billion of our products in Poland.

In 2017 we celebrate the 25th anniversary since the Radzymin plant has been opened. Now it is one of the largest Coca‑Cola Hellenic plants, considered as ‘mega-plant’. Our two other plants are located in Staniątki near Cracow and in Tylicz, where we bottle natural mineral water.

All of our sale is made by the distribution system located throughtour Poland, which consist of distribution centers, cross docs and other facilities – a total of 42 locations.

Key responsibilities

Our Supply Chain is responsible for procurement, planning, production, engineering and sustainable development, playing the key management role, minimazing our impact on the environment by ensuring sustainable development in our value chain. This approach means that our company puts great care into the process of purchasing of raw materials through the production of the final product, ending up at distributing them to customers.


Coca-Cola HBC Polska System przesyłu produktu z linii zakładu produkcyjny
Our success lies in the competence of our employees, we focus on quality and continuously invest in advanced technology to optimize our infrastructure.

Value Chain

In our business we develop a culture in which quality is a fundamental value throughout the organization. This approach also applies to our suppliers. Quality and food safety is our priority, so that we can meet the expectations of our customers and consumers. We have rigorous processes to minimize the occurrence of quality problems. However, if we come up with solid processes and systems, we can quickly and efficiently deal with them, providing our customers and consumers with confidence in our products.