Our suppliers

We are aware that a company as prominent as Coca Cola HBC Polska has great influence on business environment.

We cooperate with nearly 2 100 suppliers, of which around 300 of them are our partners, supplying us with raw materials, packages and marketing materials.

Having in mind sustainable development, we have created specific rules that must be met by the companies providing us with goods and services. Supplier Guiding Principles (.pdf) covers issues such as: working conditions, human rights, child labor, forced labor and environmental impacts.

Specific control is provided by companies supplying raw materials, packaging and semi-finished products. Prior to establishing cooperation, they undergo strict selection and are subject to our quality audit. They must also have a system that allows to label and track every batch of product, such as cans or caps.

Coca-Cola HBC distribution centre

Moreover, the biggest suppliers, especially marketing materials producers, must obtain The Coca‑Cola Company certificate which allows them to become The Coca‑Cola System’s certificate supplier. Such companies are subject of audits, which aim is to provide the consistency with The Coca‑Cola System regulations. Our company cooperates on a daily basis with 25 authorized marketing materials providers.

When shopping for marketing materials from high-risk countries such as China, India, Turkey or the Far East, our company never purchases from untested sources. We purchase these goods from only authorized suppliers or good reputed companies that we have been established business relations with for many years.