Discover more about Coca‑Cola HBC Polska three bottling plants located in Poland.

938 million litres of beverages were produced at three Coca‑Cola HBC Polska plants in 2010. The production plant starts with syrup, concentrate or beverage base to create finished products which are packaged in PET or glass bottles, cans and cartons.

We are committed to meet and exceed customers and consumers expectations by consistently offering high quality drinks. This commitment is underpinned by the international standard ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 as well as by our own Quality and Food Safety policy and the global standards of The Coca‑Cola Company.

Coca‑Cola HBC Poland monitors production processes closely and has sophisticated control equipment and testing programs for key stages of the process. Electronic bottle inspection equipment on all refillable bottling lines is installed which can identify even the tiniest irregularity in the beverage.

Zakład Coca-Cola HBC Polska w Radzyminie

Radzymin Plant

The Radzymin plant is the biggest production facility owned by Coca‑Cola HBC Polska. The plant is also a manufacturing center for the Coca‑Cola Hellenic group. The products from this part of Poland are shipped to the European countries.

Apart from beverages the Radzymin plant also produces preforms for manufacturing PET bottles. Preforms from the plant supply all our production facilities in Poland. 

Currently the Radzymin plant occupies nearly 13.5 hectares, including more than 40,000 square metres of buildings. 

Six production lines operating at the plant and paletisation center enable the manufacturing of all of our company’s sparkling drinks: Coca‑Cola, Coca‑Cola Zero, Cherry Coke, Fanta, Sprite, Kinley Tonic,, waters: Kropla Beskidu, juices, nectars and drinks: Cappy juices, teas ready to drink: Nestea, energy drinks: Monster Energy Drink and Burn and sport drinks: Powerade.

Two lines in Radzymin are aseptic lines being used to manufacture preservative-free beverages (fruit juices, nectars and drinks, teas and isotonic drinks). 

Zakład Coca-Cola HBC Polska w Staniątkach

Staniąki Plant

The Staniątki plant was launched in June 1993 and several modernizations and investments have been carried out since then. Today it covers over 180,000 square metres, including over 34,000 square metres occupied by buildings. The Staniątki's warehouse can store more than 20,000 palettes. 

Four production lines at the plant enable the production of all kinds of Coca‑Cola HBC Poland sparkling drinks. 

Staniątki is the second plant (the first being Radzymin) with its own waste water treatment facility which treats 1,600 m3 of water a day. As in other production plants operated by our company, advanced labour efficiency procedures and systems were implemented at Staniątki to minimise the use of electric power and water. 

Plant is also equipped with microbiologic laboratory, which is responsible for product testing. Therefore, our facility can examine around 1000 bottles and cans, conducting around 180 sensoric tests. 

Zakład  Coca-Cola HBC Polska w Tyliczu


The Tylicz plant was set up in 1992. The water bottling plant became the property of Coca‑Cola HBC Polska in 2003 along with the acquisition of Multivita sp. z o. o. by companies from the Coca‑Cola System. A number of new investments have taken place in Tylicz since then, substantially increasing the plant’s manufacturing capacity. 

Mapa fabryk Coca-Cola HBC Polska
Coca‑Cola HBC Polska Production Plants