The Federation of Polish Food Banks consist of 32 local Food Banks, operating throughout the country. All are non-governmental organizations with the status of an association or fundation. Together, they form a union of associations with public benefit organization status.

The Federation is an voluntary society, created by different, self-govern Food Banks. Their common values and actions are supported and represented by democratically elected Board. 

The organization operates within three elemental rules:

  • Non-profit rule - operating without the profit - achieved through free food gains and its free distribution,
  • Directing food to the needy through charitable organizations directly involved in nutrition rule
  • Apoliticality and freedom of worldview rule

The Federation realizes its' mission through:

  • Finding food sources produced in excess,
  • Getting food, including products with short expiration dates, so-called non-commercial products, with defectuve packaging, whose nutritional value does not raise any objections,
  • Storage of received products and their rational distribution to organizations, not individuals,
  • Promoting attitudes that counteract irresponsible food disposal.

The Federation follows the values reflected in the Charter of FEBA Food Banks.