Sustainable development is about meeting the needs of modern world without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

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Being the leader of the alcohol-free beverage market, both globally and locally, is not only something to be proud of, but also a way to measure success. It also involves huge responsibility –  we’re the leader who shapes the market and its behavior patterns. It’s the leader who has the most impact on the process of educating both the supply chain and customers.

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Coca‑Cola HBC Polska strives to ensure that the highest possible volume of raw materials used to produce beverages comes from the local market. Apart from the social aspect, including creating jobs and revenue in other sectors of the local market, this approach has a solid economic justification related to logistics costs. Limiting the transportation of raw materials is also a positive contribution to reducing our carbon footprint.

Coca‑Cola HBC Polska treats all its partners fairly, with emphasis put on substantive criteria (such as price, quality, as well as environmental and social criteria). In practice it means that there is no criterion related to the origin of supplier’s equity, whose economic justification – unlike the requirement that production should be run locally – is disputable. One of the examples of local purchases are contracts made with sugar producers, which by supplying Coca‑Cola HBC Polska not only give jobs to domestic market employees, but also buy the raw materials essential for production from local farmers.

The scale of purchases and cooperation with suppliers on quality improvement translates into creating long-term relations and business benefits, which bring about tangible benefits for the economy. The effectiveness of this approach has been confirmed by the Pilsudski Institute Corporate Catalyst Award received in 2016, an honor presented to leading international companies for their successful investments in Poland having a positive impact on the growth of Polish economy.