Fun goes on.

Fanta is a refreshing sparkling beverage currently available in three flavors: Fanta, Fanta Shokata and Fanta Malina. 

Those original offers were developed as part of the limited Fanta World line, first launched in Poland in 2007. Exotically styled and with a wide range of unusual flavors they offer a unique opportunity to get away from reality and travel to the most remote parts of the globe. 

Logo fanta zdjęcie produktowe Coca-Cola HBC Polska

The Fanta World concept has been introduced in 45 countries. The unique series lets consumers experience the rich variety of 250 previously unavailable Fanta flavors from the most diverse parts of the world. With no need to make strenuous preparation for a long journey or to leave home one will be able to win a passport to unending fun. 

The history of Fanta dates back to World War II. In Poland, it was launched in 1992, originally only in the orange flavor. The line was expanded in May 1995 to include refreshing lemon. 

Fanta beverages are mostly drunk by young people who like good, incessant fun and the climate of a crazy adventure. It is with them in mind, people who like novelties and hate boredom, that Coca‑Cola is developing new, interesting flavors every year. 

In Poland Fanta orange is available in 0.5l, 1l, 1,5l, 1,75l, 2l and 2,25l PET bottles as well as 0.33l cans and 0.25l returnable glass bottles. Fanta Shokata is avaible in 0,5l, 1l and 1,5l PET bottles and Fanta Malina - 0,5l and 1l PET bottles. 

Each package provides comprehensive information on the ingredients and the nutritional values.