Coca‑Cola is one of the best-known brands worldwide.

Coca-Cola Company logo

Coca‑Cola is the most popular and best-selling beverage in history. It is also the best-known product worldwide. In 2008 Coca‑Cola was named the world’s most valuable brand for the eighth time in a row. The international consulting firm Interbrand estimated its value at nearly $67billion.

Everything started on 8 May 1886, when John S. Pemberton, a pharmacist from Atlanta produced an aromatic, caramel-colored syrup that he mixed with water and sold as a soda fountain drink for five cents a glass. Coca‑Cola has been manufactured in the same way until today, with no preservatives or artificial aromas added.

This is how Coca‑Cola made its market debut. Quite soon the beverage crossed the borders of the United States, entered new markets in new countries and conquered the world. Today Coca‑Cola can be found in virtually every corner of the world. The success of the product results from its uniqueness. No one has managed to create an identical taste even though many tried and many keep trying to succeed at it. The mystery lies in Coca‑Cola’s unique recipe based on ingredients of natural origin, that has not changed for 125 years.

Coca‑Cola appeared in Poland for the first time at the Poznań Fair in 1957, but it did not hit store shelves nationwide then. Consumers  had to wait 15 more years for the launch of manufacturing and distribution in our country. The first bottles produced and filled in Poland came from a manufacturing line in July 1972. On the first day of sales at Supersam and Sezam stores in Warsaw (a contemporary substitute for today’s supermarkets) thirsty customers bought 240 24-bottle cases in an hour - 5,760 bottles in total! 

In Poland Coca‑Cola is available in 0.25l returnable glass bottles, 0,2l and 0.33l cans as well as 0.5l, 1l, 1,5l, 1.75L, 2l and 2,25l PET bottles. 

Each package provides comprehensive information on the ingredients and the nutritional values.