Our finest water brands in Poland are local brands - Kropla Beskidu and Kropla Delice.

Water is vital to the health of all of us. It’s a safe and enjoyable way of getting the refreshment and hydration we need to lead a healthy and well-balanced life.

The water brands in our product portfolio include natural mineral water sourced from underground springs in the Beskidy Mountains. It is naturally pure and does not require treatment.

Our waters are fully compliant with EU regulations, or with local regulations where EU regulations are not applicable. 

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Kropla Beskidu

Low-mineralized, still natural mineral water. Suitable for a diet low in sodium. Water subjected to aeration and filtration processes. The water source is located in the Beskid Mountains in Tylicz.

Kropla Delice

The Kropla Délice is a Coca‑Cola HBC Polska's offer in the premium water segment. This carbonated, natural mineral water is available in restaurants and bars. Its excellent level of carbonation, unique taste and rich mineral components make it an ideal addition to every meal. Kropla Délice is available in 330 ml, 750 ml glass and 1l PET bottles.

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Kropla Beskidu product portfolio