Still drinks

Our sparkling drinks are complemented by our still drinks brands – an unique combination in the bottling landscape. The wide portfolio makes us a strong partner to our customers and supports consumer choice. Our still drinks include juices and nectars, iced tea, sports and energy drinks.

Juices and nectars: Cappy

Coca‑Cola HBC Polska offers a range of fruit and fruit-based drinks in a variety of flavors and convenient packages. Fruit juices and fruit-based drinks provide vitamins and nutrition as well as the liquid we need to keep us hydrated and sustain a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle.

The Cappy juice portfolio in Poland includes juices, and nectars, combining the goodness of nature, the delicious flavors and availability of products throughout the year.

Cappy is a product line designed for people who feel they should do more for good nutrition but do not have much time for it. Cappy meets their expectations. By working with experts, it creates innovative products, knowing how ingredients naturally found in fruits and vegetables can help us stay healthy.

Our Cappy portfolio:

- Cappy Orange Juice

- Cappy Apple Juice

- Cappy Greipfruit Nectar

- Cappy Multivitamin

- Cappy Orange Juice

- Cappy Tomato Juice

- Cappy Black Currant Nectar

Iced teas: FUZETEA

FUZETEA is a ready-to-dink tea, combining the flavors of tea, fruits, herbs and flowers. It is available in five blends:

  • Black Ice Tea, Peach, Hibiscus
  • Black Ice Tea, Lemon, Lemongrass
  • Green Ice Tea, Lime, Mint
  • Green Ice Tea, Mango, Chamomomile
  • Green Ice Tea, Citrus.

What's important, tea leaves used for making FUZETEA come solely from sustainable agriculture. It means that we use tea extract from specially selected plantations, all holding certificates confirming their activity for economic support of the development of the local community, for example by financing education in schools. The farms that provide for us also take care of the environment, using alternative energy sources or providing funds for nature reserves.

The name FUZETEA stands for the fusion of tea, herbs, fruits and flowers flavors which create a surprisingly tasty blend of FUZETEA.

The FUZETEA brand is present on 52 markets. It is successful on many of them, for example in Brazil, Mexico, Ecuador, Israel and Kazakhstan it is the leader in the tea drinks category.

Zdjęcie produktowe Powerade

Sports drinks: Powerade

Sports drinks help to support great performance in sports and other physical activities. They’re specially designed to ensure proper hydration levels and to provide carbohydrates and mineral salts to replace those lost by sweating. In most markets our Powerade™ brand is formulated with the ION4® Advanced Electrolyte System which helps to replenish four key electrolytes: sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium.

Our sports isotonic drink was developed in collaboration with scientists and sports medicine specialists. Such compositions allow better hydration of the body and help maintain optimum form during physical activity for an extended period of time.

We also make sure that our sports drinks taste good, to encourage people to stay hydrated.

Powerade is available in the following flavors:

- strawberry - tropic fruits

- lemon

- cherry

Zdjęcie produktowe napoje energetyzujące Burn i Monster

Energy drinks: Monster and burn

Energy is not only the drink itself, it is a way of life, aimed at our consumers with different passions. Blue collar fans will choose Monster. Its brand platform is punk rock music, motor sports and girls. Burn evolves around electronic music and street culture and is chosen by white collar fans. The energy boost is needed at any time of day and night.

Monster is available in Poland in six flavors:

- Energy

- Ripper

- Ultra

- Ultra Red

- The Doctor

- Louis Hamilton


burn is available in Poland in four flavors:

- Original,

- Apple-kiwi,

- Lemon-ice,

- Passion punch.