Plant-based drinks

Plant-based drinks gain on popularity not only in Poland, but in the whole Europe. Our answer to this trend are Adez products - plant-based drinks without added sugar.


AdeZ offers two product lines: classic plant-based drinks and plant drinks with fruit juices. All drinks are enriched with vitamins or minerals. The products do not contain added sugars, only natural sugars from fruits and vegetables along with steviol glycosides from stevia leaves.

AdeZ is a tasty choice for people who, looking for a balanced diet, look for more varied nutrients of plant origin. The new products have excellent taste, are suitable for vegans and are naturally lactose-free.

The brand has a decades-long history, dating back to 1988 and Argentina. To this day, South America, rich in soybean cultivation, is the largest product sales market, especially in: Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay and Bolivia.