Coca‑Cola HBC Poland indirectly and directly serves over 120,000 customers throughout Poland. We have a broad portfolio of products (more than 15 brands), which allows us to respond comprehensively to the needs of our suppliers and customers.

Understanding the business

We attach equal importance to family stores, franchises, restaurants, nightclubs, supermarkets and hypermarkets, discounts, wholesalers, and any other entrepreneurs who work with us. We serve our products to the stationary as well as seasonal points. 800 people who work in Coca‑Cola HBC Polska create wonderful Sale Department, which also has 13 sales centers and numerous satellite offices, covering the whole country.

The Sales Department is fully committed to help generate revenue from our Coca‑Cola products by our customers. Coca‑Cola HBC Polska Sales Representatives are trained to respond responsibly to the needs of our customers and have extensive knowledge of:

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Being a source of priceless knowledge about consumers' preferences, trade sector employees help Coca‑Cola meet consumers' expectations even better. At the same time, we are establishing closer cooperation with our suppliers, particularly those of strategic importance, allowing us work out solutions together that not only make it possible to obtain raw materials, meeting the Coca‑Cola system's highest quality requirements, but also help partners become more competitive.

Good practices

Why work with the Coca‑Cola HBC Polska?

One of Coca‑Cola HBC values is winning with our customers: our customers are at the heart of everything we do.

How to become our Customer

Customer Service Center

801 110 000  - contact number for our Clients

(22) 519 55 99 -  number to Coca‑Cola HBC Polska Sales Department

To contact us You can also use our email adresses: – mailbox for our Customers - Sales Department mailbox