Why work with us?

The answer’s simple. Do what you love and love what you do.

We, the people of Coca-Cola HBC, are the secret ingredient of our company’s success. We’re a family of 30,000 engaged people, an empowered and talented team that drives superior results and has an impact every day. Join the team that will inspire you to succeed, grow and make a difference.

Above all, we place the highest value in nurturing our people, creating a wide range of opportunities for them to develop, be curious and learn, reaching their full potential. For us people always come first. Zoran Bogdanovic, Coca‑Cola HBC CEO

“Joining our organisation is like embarking on an accelerated growth journey. At least that was my impression some 20 years ago when I joined this incredible and dynamic team. Throughout two decades I had the privilege to work with diverse teams from our 28 countries, who always trying to push the bar higher, challenge the status quo, learn from each other and have a great time together. We are a team of high achievers, equally committed to growing our people and our partnerships. We work hard and enjoy constantly exploring new opportunities. We stand for doing what is right, not what is easy, always putting our customers and consumers at the core of our business. And we are passionate to share the value we create for the greater good. Above all, we place the highest value in nurturing our people, creating opportunities for them to be curious and learn, develop and reach their full potential. We always put our people first.”

Lead with impact

We are a high performing team that delivers remarkable results. We provide refreshment to millions of consumers who enjoy our wide portfolio of beverage brands, but we are strongly focused on our sustainability commitments – bringing a positive difference to the local communities we serve, ensure that we are a community worth being part of.

“In Switzerland, where I’m based, being the industry leader in sustainability is very important. Valser, our water brand, will be the first to be C02 neutral. That’s a great achievement and quite an important thing here. We’re looking at every area to be more sustainable and we try to get better every year.”

Manuela Kirn Head of Channel Marketing, Switzerland Przeczytaj całość
7,4 mln
invested in community programmes and initiatives

18 118
employee hours volunteered during worktime in 2017

Win and learn together

You’ll feel that togetherness and the people we work with are very important to us. We’re a diverse, inclusive, hard-working but very supportive team. Our shared sense of purpose is reflected in our team spirit, dedication and passion. Every win is ours, not per individual. And the talented people around us are our inspiration for growth.

“CCHBC is a big organization with so many different kinds of people, but if you’re a forward-looking, positive person, if you’re brave and respectful, you’ll do well. You’ll find that all of us will listen to you and try to learn from you. We learn together as a family, or we don’t learn at all.”

Tamás Mezei At Work Manager, Hungary Przeczytaj całość
highly engaged employees

Employees say colleagues are willing to help each other, even outside usual activities

Accelerate your personal development

We are passionately devoted to developing our people. Tailored development programmes for each segment and level in the organisation as well as fast-paced learning environment will give you unparalleled personal growth experience. Supportive leadership will encourage you to take full ownership of your work and career path. And the dynamic nature of our business and opportunity for continuous improvement will continuously stretch you to maximise your potential.

“At CCHBC you learn five times more than at the average company. I’ve learned about business, marketing, sales and HR in a very short time. I studied psychology and didn’t come from a corporate background, so I had a steep learning curve.”

Mojra Dautović Talent Acquisition & Identification, Former Management Trainee (HR), Croatia Przeczytaj całość
people in talent acceleration programs in last 3 years

of leaders roles filled by internal talent

Quench your thirst for growth

We’re part of a high-performing culture, where we believe that we can learn each day and be better than the day before. We recognise and celebrate people who are forward-thinking, results-driven, passionate and who never stop looking for ways to improve. We learn from every experience and grow from it.

“I like to get involved in things. I don’t stop at mediocre, I always want to go the extra mile. It hasn’t been easy the entire time. So much has happened with many different managers, but at every step I have learned something new and constructive."

Jolomi Fawehinmi Senior HR Business Partner, Nigeria Przeczytaj całość
Of employees say we take ownership of our own learning

Of customers report that we met or exceeded their expectations

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“The company sees celebrating achievements as a philosophy. Whether it’s launching a new product, or receiving an award, we celebrate it. This sort of culture really keeps me motivated in my job.”

Konstantin Serbovka, National KA Manager, Former Business Developer, Ukraine
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"There was no typical day on the Management Trainee programme which I found very exciting. Every day I am eager to come to work and to make an impact to the wider business."

Zoe Allen Talent Acquisition & Identification Specialist, Ireland Former Management Trainee
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“Most people here think outside the box. They’re open to new things and are keen to listen to new ideas. The openness is really healthy and CCHBC is always looking to take the next step – to go further and evolve.”

Panagiotis Mantis Brand Manager Frulite, Greece
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"At CCHBC, one day is never like another and I’ve learnt that in order to grow and succeed, you need to be flexible and ready for a fast-moving world, eager to take on new responsibilities and challenges."

Patrick Redl Plant Manager, Austria
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Our vision

To be the undisputed leading drinks brand in every country where we do business. We’re committed to recruiting the right talent, developing their skills and encouraging a high-performance mind-set across the business. We believe success comes from collaboration – across the business and with our partner, The Coca-Cola Company.

Our vision, strategy and purpose

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