Coca‑Cola HBC Polska is a great place to work. We already know it, and want you to experience the same.

Northern Ireland Environment minister Mark H Durkan and Frank O'Donnell, General Manager Coca-Cola HBC Ireland and Northern Irelan


We operate in a competitive market, in which constant development is a must. We also take care of the development of our employees by helping them develop new skills through training and courses. We follow the '70-20-10' rule. 70% of the time - learning by participating in projects, 20% - coaching and mentoring, 10% - training and participation in a variety of development programs. 

Nagroda dla Coca-Cola HBC Polska


At Coca‑Cola HBC Polska we have implemented a leadership model called 'Leadership Pipeline'. We promote talents within the company, supporting aspirations and career development plans of our employees.

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Our position as a market leader commits. Our pride is that despite many years of tradition, we are constantly developing and implementing innovations. Our employees can take part in interesting projects and carry out ambitious tasks with the top brands. Thanks to the scale of our operations, employees can implement cross projects between departments as well as international ones as for the Hellenic Group, which we are part of.



We operate based on values that are important to us. We embody them in everyday relations with our customers, employees and suppliers. Our values include:

We care that the people who work with us share the values we drive.

Sport, passions and family

We promote active lifestyles, supporting many global and local sports initiatives, which also include our employees, such as Coca‑Cola Cup, Wrocław Marathon, Cracovia Marathon, Warsaw Marathon, Poznan Marathon and many more. We also organize family-friendly events such as the Kropla Beskidu Skiing Tournament in Tylicz or the Coca‑Cola Hellenic Cup.

Benefits and CSR

Our employees are covered by personal insurance, as they also receive medical care and our products. We create socially responsible company, which is important for our employees. We also active take part in actions concerning health. We also take care of water resources, energy and climate, and we also put great care into recycling campaigns.