We want to be the unquestionable leader of the beverage industry in every country where we operate.

Being the "unquestionable leader of the beverage industry" means that our brands will have the biggest share of market in their categories. At the same time, we want to generate higher net sales than any other player in the ready-to-drink market.

Coca-Cola HBC strategic framework diagram

Play to Win 2020 Strategic Framework

The organisation's values are deeply rooted in our Play to Win 2020 Strategic Framework, whose aim is to deliver incremental value (or added value) each day, in terms of community trust, consumer relevance, customer preference and cost leadership.

Community trust

Sustainable growth for our business goes hand in hand with sustainable development for our communities. We are deeply committed to creating value for these communities and building our reputation as a trusted partner and a force for positive change. Today, more than ever before, business and society must work together to create sustainable environmental, economic and social change: to make a difference and create a better world for our children.

Consumer relevance

Winning in the marketplace begins with anticipating and meeting the needs of our consumers, a task which Coca‑Cola Hellenic Group is uniquely placed to perform. We manage a portfolio of the world’s leading beverage brands, which we strategically leverage to capture clearly defined market opportunities.

Customer preference

The retail environment for beverages continues to transform rapidly, with the trend towards organised, large-scale and discount retail formats expanding to more of our markets. Our response has been to make ‘customer preference’ a core value of our business. This means building true collaboration and partnerships that create sustainable value and profitable growth for our business and our customers across all key channels.

Cost leadership

At Coca‑Cola Hellenic Group, effective cost management is an essential part of our long-term strategy for market leadership and sustainable growth. Cost leadership means creating a lean, cost efficient, borderless organisation that will be able to exploit synergies and capture future growth opportunities with maximum efficiency, while continually improving our delivery of best-in class service.


Our goals:

Our Strategic Priorities:

Winning on the market - we strive to continually gain market share by expanding our categories, gaining new consumers for our products, developing faster than our competitors.

Revenue growth - we take action to control revenue growth by optimising our mix of packaging according to opportunity and channel and developing all brands at optimum value for the unit case.

Cost Reduction - we strive to improve efficiency by optimising production cost base, logistics, operating costs, and processes.

Generation of cash - we strive to generate more free cash through close control of working capital and the level of capital expenditure that is appropriate for the development of our business.

Group shot of the Coca-Cola HBC Ambassadors
We have everything we need to improve our growth: our company, our Vision, our Target, our Values, Strategic Priorities and Competetive Strategy.