Our values are the core of our business, making a solid foundation of Coca‑Cola HBC Polska, during dynamic changes of fast-moving beverage market.

Our values:

Our economic impact

The presence of Coca Cola HBC Polska's bottling plants means an increase in branch-related jobs and translates into employment’s growth in cooperating sectors. At the same time, the company’s decisions to purchase raw materials from local factories makes additional revenue among our partners and their suppliers, creating a win-win situation for a whole Polish economy.

In our 2016, socio-economic impact study "Coca Cola’s Socio-economic Impact in Europe: The Case of Poland in 2016", developed under the direction of Professor Ethan B. Kapstein (Woodrow Wilson School, Princeton University), estimated that the Coca Cola system accounts for 2.59 billion zloty of added value, of which 1.22 billion goes to the Polish society in the form of various taxes, 842 million is paid to employees and 528 million is the generated profit. It means an estimated 15,230 jobs that exist are thanks to the Coca Cola system companies in Poland. It’s also estimated that out of each 1 zloty spent by the consumer 0.74 zloty stays in the Polish economy.

Adding value for customers 

Coca‑Cola HBC Polska cares about its customers. It is our ambition to become a preferred business partner for 120,000 of our customers.

We regard all businesses that co-operate with us as important, whether they are family stores, restaurants, super- and hypermarkets, discount chains or any other. Our company strives to help them succeed on a competitive market, offering training programmes on key categories of traditional retail.

Traditional retail outlets often represent unused potential due to lack of experience or access to market information on specific merchandise groups, consumer trends and shopping preferences.