We are known for our market-leading products. Thanks to our commitment, we have won many prestigious awards.

FMCG Hit 2012 for Coca‑Cola and Cappy

Coca‑Cola in 1,5l and 2,0l bottles in sparkling beverages category and Cappy still drinks: apple-grapefruit with cactus and apple-mint with lemongrass in juices, nectars, still drinks category, were awarded with FMCG Hit 2012 title in the contest organized by “Trade Life” magazine.

It was the 5th edition of annual contest, which gathered almost 300 FMCG products. In the first stage the products were assessed by 9-persons jury consisted of distributors and retailers representatives, who chose 144 products. In the second stage those products were finally voted by the retailers.

FMCG Pearls  2012 highly recommended products

Powerade ION4, Kropla Beskidu and Cappy still drinks: apple-mint with lemongrass and apple-grapefruit with cactus, were highly recommended by the jury of FMCG Pearls 2012 plebiscite.  The retailers voted on the products which guarantee the profit, in a special survey carried out by Gfk research institute and „Trade News” monthly magazine

Gold Receipt 2012 for Powerade ION4 and Kropla Beskidu

Powerade ION4 in Sales Leader – energy and isotonic beverages category and Kropla Beskidu in Sales Leader – waters category were honored with the “Gold Receipt 2012 – Polish Merchants Award” prestigious contest by HURT&DETAL trade magazine readers in the special voting.

It was the second edition of annual contest, which aimed at choosing the best FMCG products. The products and services were presented which had impacted significantly the retail sector in Poland last year. The awards went to those products, which were the most competitive according the retailers.

Superior Taste Award 2012

Cappy stall drinks have been awarded by International Tastes and Quality Institute in Brussels with:  
Cappy Apple Grapefruit Cactus – 3 Golden Stars Award which means Exceptional Taste with almost 95 % and more of total Marks,
Cappy Apple Mint Lemon Grass – 2 Golden Stars Award which means Remarkable Taste with almost 85 % and more of total Marks.
The Jury who have rated the products is composed mainly by Chefs, Sommeliers and food experts.